Vietnamese Loose Leaf Tea

Unique collection


Sense Asia has created a unique selection of 4 premium teas. We want to introduce you to Vietnamese tea traditions by tasting wonderful loose-leaf teas. Each tea might open Vietnam for you in a new way!

Learn more about these teas below and dive into Vietnam’s tea-drinking culture.

Shan Snow

Vietnamese green tea - long leaves with fresh fragrance. 

Kim Tuyen Milk Oolong

A creamy aroma with a smooth, pleasant aftertaste.

Vietnamese Premium Black Tea

Big-Leaf, full-bodied premium black tea

Thai Nguyen Green Tea

Rich with a clean, refreshing green tea aroma

Sampler Set

Try every tea type from our collection. 

Farmers we work with

Thai Nguyen province

The tea cooperative was established by six families of hereditary farmers who grew tea for several generations. The region is known for its tea traditions and history: only traditional technologies are used for growing and manufacturing tea.

Company from Cao Bo village, Ha Giang province.

This region has good soil and a cold climate, which is perfect for growing strains of tea like Shan Snow tea. Cao Bo village is located in the Tay Con Linh mountains, 1300 meters above sea level. Here Shan Snow tea trees have large leaves and many buds. These features make the taste of the tea brilliant and unforgettable. Cao Bo Organic Tea Company has bravely invested in advanced technology machines which they combine with traditional tea processing to produce high-quality tea products for domestic and international service.

Dang Thi Phuong, Deputy Chairwoman of the Vi Xuyen district People’s Committee, says: “The tea region in Vi Xuyen district has been recognized as meeting VietGap organic standards. Our goal is to make Shan Tuyet tea qualified for the standards of the One Commune–One Product (OCOP) program.”

Lam Dong province

It is a Central of Vietnam: the mountainclimate and good environment create a harmonious-tasting tea. The manufactureruses traditional technologies of making tea. These traditions are used byseveral generations to provide a consistent taste. 

What is Sense Asia premium tea?

only young leaves of tea tree

full of essential oils

saturated flavor

Shan Snow tea

This tea is handpicked from 100-year-old tea trees. Сombination of bitterness and flowerful honey creates an outstanding balance of flavor. Some of the trees have aged more than 300 years!

Vietnamese Shan Snow tea is found only in the northern provinces of the country, mostly in the highlands.The tea trees grow at a height of 600+ meters above sea level. The high level of moisture at this height provides oxygen saturation of tea trees, making the tea taste so flavorful. 

Province: Suoi Giang area, Yen Bai province.

* Fine green tea could be brewed 7 times. For one cup you need 2,5g of tea.

Limited Edition

100 g / 280 cups — 29 USD
250 g / 700 cups — 39 USD
(or just 0,10/0,05 USD for a cup)*


Kim Tuyen Milk Oolong

A tea with creamy aroma and a smooth, pleasant aftertaste. The specialness of Vietnamese oolongs is a large size of tea leaves: Vietnamese oolong tea leaves are longer, a feature which defines its flavorful taste.  

Milk oolong teas are famous for their soft, light taste. It starts from caramel and creamy notes; sometimes it could be reminiscent of the pollen of flowers. It is a perfect choice for those who are new to trying special tea.

Province: Bao Loc area, Lam Dong province.

* Fine oolong tea could be brewed 7 times. For one cup you need 4g of tea.

Limited Edition

100 g / 175 cups — 26 USD
250 g / 437 cups — 36 USD
(or just 0,10/0,05 USD for a cup)*


Thai Nguyen Green Tea

Rich green tea with a clean, refreshing green tea aroma.

Thai Nguyen Green tea is the most famous Vietnamese tea. Grown in Thai Nguyen province, its taste may be called truly pure. Thai Nguyen Green is another reflection of Vietnamese culture. Earlier it was appreciated by the king's families, and Vietnamese often drank it at tea ceremonies. 

Province: Dong Day, Thai Nguyen Province, Northern Vietnam.

* Fine green tea could be brewed 7 times. For one cup you need 2,5g of tea.

Limited Edition

100 g / 290 cups — 28 USD 21USD
250 g / 700 cups — 38 USD 28,5 USD
(or just 0,07/0,04 USD for a cup)*

25% OFF

Vietnamese Premium Black Tea

Big-leaf, full-bodied premium black tea. 

Northern parts of Vietnam are known for their highland plantations of tea with big leaves. It’s all due to the climate of those regions: a high rainfall “saturates” tea trees with moisture and the taste of future tea is deeper and fresher.  

Province: Ha Loc, Phu Tho Province, Northern Vietnam.

* Fine black tea could be brewed 1 time. For one cup you need 2,5g of tea.

Limited Edition

100 g / 40 cups — 26 USD 19,5 USD
250 g / 100 cups — 36 USD 27 USD
(or just 0,4/0,3 USD for a cup)*

25% OFF

For absolute tea lovers

Sampler Set collection

We collected all tea tastes in one set. It is the great opportunity for you to try Vietnamese culture in different ways.

What is inside?

Every type of tea in 2 sachets:
— Shan Snow (10g);
— Traditional Black (10g);
— Thai Nguyen Green (10g);
— Milk Oolong (10g);
— Loose Leaf Pu-Erh (10g).

17 USD


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