Vietnamese Loose Leaf Tea

Unique collection

Sense Asia created a unique selection of 5 premium sorts of tea. We want you to get into Vietnamese tea traditions tasting wonderful loose leaf sorts. Each tea might open Vietnam for you in a new way!
Check interesting details about these tea sorts below and dive into Vietnam culture.

Thai Nguyen Green

Rich with a clean, refreshing green tea aroma

Premium Black Tea

Big-Leaf, full-bodied premium black tea

Loose Leaf Pu-Erh

Bright pu-erh taste with delicate caramel aftertaste

Milk Oolong

A creamy aroma with a smooth, pleasant aftertaste.

Shan Snow

Legendary Vietnamese green tea - long, curled leaves with extremely fresh and tart fragrance. 

Different sorts of Vietnamese tea are known all around the world. You could try the best quality herbal tea with exotic lotus or artichoke, saturated green loose leaf tea that tasted flowerfull. But we want to show you something special.

In Vietnam there exist sorts of tea which are recognised as premium segment sorts. Why? It’s all about places where plantations of that tea were established and tea assembly methods. Are you interested in it?

Nowadays Vietnam is an incredible economic development country, especially it concerns the production of tea. Last seven years the country has been in 7th place by export of different sorts of tea. 

Vietnam has a long history of tea growing. Many traditions of tea drinking were born for thousands of years. The manufacture of tea and first tea plantations here appeared in the XIX century when French colonizers came. Since that time Vietnamese tea industry has started to rise and become global.

The country of tea

Directly from farmer's hands

What is Sense Asia premium tea?

only young leaves of tea tree

full of essential oils

saturated flavor

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