Vietnam Delights

25 Authentic Tea Collection

Having chosen Vietnam for its exemplary tea traditions, our aim is to help the country present its teas in the best possible way. In our Vietnam Delights gift set we link local farmers with the world’s tea lovers. We have scoured Vietnam from north to south locating the best tea farms, and we are now able to offer teas from across the country in the one box.

25 Teas

  • 5 black teas

  • 5 green teas

  • 5 fusion teas

  • 5 herbal teas

  • 5 premium teas

What is Inside?

Hand Picked Loose Leaf Teas

  • 100% Natural ingredients

  • Using only whole leaves to maintain all the natural health benefits

  • Brewing with whole leaves enables a deeper and more satisfying taste to develop

Tea Direct from the Farmers

  • The freshest tea possible

  • From small farms with old tea growing traditions handed down from generation

  • No middleman. Tea direct from the farm to your table

1 Pouch for 1 Teapot

  • Single serve pre-portioned tea pouches

  • Hermetically sealed straight from the farm with minimum delay

  • Keeps the tea and natural aroma fresh and vibrant

  • The easiest way to enjoy loose leaf tea

  • No measuring required

The Rare, Special and Exotic. Have You Ever Tried…?

  • A traditional lotus tea or the uniquely Vietnamese artichoke flower infusion

  • The truly remarkable Pandan tea with the taste of freshly baked cookies

  • What about a strong highland PuErh tea or refreshing jasmine blossoms plus many other exotic tropical flavors?

  • Now it’s easy to experience them all!

Look at the Real Vietnam

  • 25 photos of incredible Vietnamese sights from famous Asian photographers

  • Unforgettable panoramic views of remote and spectacular locations

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