100 g / 290 cups — 21USD
250 g / 700 cups — 28,5 USD
(or just 0,07/0,04 USD for a cup)*


Thai Nguyen Green

Thai Nguyen Green tea is the most famous Vietnamese tea. Earlier it was appreciated by king’s families. Grown in Thai Nguyen province, its taste may be called truly pure, the constant of green tea freshy and flower. Thai Nguyen Green is another reflection of Vietnamese culture. Earlier it was appreciated by king’s families, and Vietnamese often drank it at tea ceremonies.

A special feature of the Thai Nguyen Green in our premium collection is the proportion of buds and loose-leaf tea.

* Fine green tea could be brewed 7 times. For one cup you need 2,5g of tea.



Sweet aroma of wild honey and rose buds.


Yellow green.


Rich with a clean, refreshing green tea aroma.

500 ml



5 min

How to brew?

Classical method


For a classical method of brewing tea, use a porcelain teapot. Porcelain retains warmth better and lets a full flavour develop. 

Don’t use boiling water if you’re brewing green tea. Fullness and astringency of taste may be destroyed by boiling water.


- Warm up the teapot before brewing tea;

- Put 2 tablespoon in the pot (7 g.);

- Pour over water with a temperature 85°C;

- Wait for 5 min and try it. 

Authentic method 


The authentic method involves brewing several times. This way you can taste fresh notes of tea better and feel a fullness of taste.

For this method of brewing, you need a gaiwan, a lidded bowl without handles. A gaiwan is good for green teas with flavourful aroma because they allow you to infuse the tea several times and enjoy your drink even longer. You can also use a teapot.


- Warm up a teapot/gaiwan before brewing tea;

- Put 5 g of tea in thr pot;

- First brewing: rinse tea with water (90+°C);

- Second and third brewings last about 20-40 seconds;

- Next fourth and fifth brewings you should make for 90 and 120 seconds.


Dong Day, Thai Nguyen Province, Northern Vietnam.