I Wish You

The Most Personal Tea Gift

I Wish You is the perfect all-round gift. From birthdays to "thank you" to anniversaries, it is your choice. Using the words in the box, you can create your own personalized wish, perfect for any occasion! More than just unique gift — I Wish You is the collection of 6 various loose leaf teas from Vietnam.

Personalize Your Tea Gift

  • 10 tea pouches with words and smiles to create your special wish

  • Combine your personal wish for any occasion

  • Enjoy the finest tea from some of the most remote parts of Vietnam

Healthy, Satisfying and 100% Natural

  • 100% Natural ingredients

  • Using only whole leaves to maintain all the natural health benefits

  • Brewing with whole leaves enables a deeper and more satisfying taste to develop

Taste Vientam

  • 10 authentic Vietnamese teas

  • Tea from the most remote and pristine regions of Vietnam

  • Rare teas that you can only find in this collection

Choose from Our Wishes or Design Your Own at Any Time. It is Up to You!

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Tea from Vietnamese farmers
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Tea from Vietnamese farmers

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