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A Special Exotic Chocolate Collection with pure Vietnamese ingredients was created for lovers of exotic tastes. Mr. Viet is an expert in choosing the best Vietnamese cocoa beans and making authentic chocolate. Handcrafted, with local cocoa beans and real fruit – that's what it's all about with Mr. Viet.

Special Cocoa Beans

Mr. Viet contains a special selected blend of cocoa beans from South Vietnam. These Vietnamese sorts are famous because of the deep and saturated taste. The homeland of the beans is sunny Soc Trang province, with its warm climate and unique conditions perfectly suited for cacao trees. With great love, local farmers care about each fruit and do everything to preserve beans in the best way possible.

Why Mr. Viet Chocolate?

There are just a few places in the world where cacao beans grow. And Vietnam is one of them. And despite there being other countries with mass production of cacao, quality Vietnamese cacao beans are considered in the chocolate world as unique, rare and gourmet.

Vietnam is famous for its fruits as well, so to make Mr. Viet chocolate bars even more special, we brought together unique flavorful Vietnamese chocolate and the finest tropical fruits.Mr. Viet hopes that you will love Real Vietnamese products and enjoy Vietnam.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate from Mr. Viet provides an extraordinary experience of gourmet chocolate. It is smooth, slightly but pleasantly bitter, rich in tasting notes and finishes in a unique aftertaste.

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate from Mr. Viet is a unique combination of rare chocolate made from finest Vietnamese cocoa beans and the pleasant smoothness of creamy milk.

Sweet Mango and Coconut

This bar is the top combination of Vietnamese tropical fruits. Sweet and ripe mango with a hint of coconut and elegant bitterness of gourmet premium dark chocolate.

Pineapple & Coconut

This bar shows how different Vietnam can be – a delicious combination of white chocolate with sweet tropical pineapple and coconut flakes.

Dragon Fruit & Matcha Tea

We love to combine unusual ingredients to catch an exotic flavor. Taste the unique combination of dragon fruit and green matcha tea.

Unique Durian and Cookies

A wonderful union of tender and soft durian’s taste and crunchy cookies. Special Soc Trang cocoa beans make that combination saturated and fruity.

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