Introducing Sense Asia

Our mission is to elevate Vietnam's finest products to global recognition and connect local farmers to the world stage.

The Journey Begins

We immersed ourselves in Vietnam's captivating culture and embraced its warm-hearted people over many years. After traversing numerous landscapes and encountering diverse communities, we decided to channel our deep understanding and affection for Vietnam into our offerings.

In 2015, the MR VIET brand was born in Vietnam. Our primary goal is to share the enchantment of this extraordinary country with you. Experience the authentic flavors of Vietnam and let yourself fall in love!


5 000 m2

The area of our factory in Vietnam

7 years

Manufacturing experience

11 countries

Where you can find us

> 1 000 000

Units produced annually

Our Team

At Mr. Viet, we strongly prioritize our employees' growth through comprehensive training and resources. We are dedicated to fostering their professional success.

Our team spans more than 100 skilled professionals across various positions and expertise areas, stretching from Sapa to Ho Chi Minh City.

Sense Asia Partners

We proudly export to South Korea, the USA, the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, Russia, the UK, Hungary, Germany, and Chile.