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Vietnamese tea guide

Almost all varieties of tea are produced in Vietnam, and usually they are divided into 3 types: green tea, plain black tea and scented tea.

Vietnamese tea destination

Let's go back to the origins of tea production in Vietnam. As is often the case, the biggest industries begin from the biggest discoveries.

An incredible Kopi Luwak

The Vietnamese are really proud of kopi luwak because of its fame among coffee lovers around the world.

Freeze-dried coffee by Mr Viet

What’s special about it and how is it manufactured? To create our freeze-dried coffee we use naturally roasted coffee beans.

FAQ about Vietnamese Coffee

What are the features of coffee from Vietnam? Why is it so popular for many coffee lovers? Check the answers in our FAQ.

Is dried mango good for you?

Let’s dive into dried mango’s nutrition and its benefits. You’ll also find out how dried mango is produced.

Guide to the durian fruit

The durian fruit is also known as the ‘king of the fruit’ to the people of Vietnam. Let’s get acquainted with such an interesting fruit.

How to attract a tea lover?

Tea is a favourite drink for many people all around the world. We created a tea gift which impresses any tea lover and creates unforgettable emotions. 

The benefits of buying dried fruits

Sense Asia is represented by a fine collection of dried fruits. Dried fruits are just as easy to eat on trips, as at home.

How to pick good Vietnamese tea

Companies create wonderful, bright advertisements for their products, but how do you know how good the tea is?

Green tea health benefits

Nowadays more people are interested in a healthy lifestyle and “green” products. Tea is one of those products. 

Vietnamese Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is a really popular type of tea in Vietnam. Due to many herbs growing up here, Vietnamese often use them in food and drinks.

Vietnamese Black Tea

Vietnamese manufacturers have carefully analysed demand in various countries and intend to increase exports of black tea.

Dragon fruit from Vietnam

Dragon fruit is the key food item exported by the Vietnamese and it is very much loved by the locals too. 

What is pandan tea?

Tea brewed from dried pandan leaves has a sweet taste and aroma. It is an innovative type of tea due to its unique flavour and nutritious qualities.

Mango Export Tendentious

According to the statistics of Vietnamese Department of Commerce, the volume of mango varieties exported hugely increased.

Vietnamese tea traditions

In Vietnam, especially in Hanoi, the many local tea traditions demonstrate the nation’s love of tea drinking.

Vietnamese robusta

Coffee made from natural pure robusta beans has a dark saturated colour, a deep aroma and a thick crema.

The Phin: a coffee-brewing tradition

The Vietnamese really love to drink coffee made with a phin and they are very popular devices today.

About Snow Shan Green Tea

Just like lotus tea, ancient green Shan Snow tea is the personification of Vietnamese tea culture.

The Drink of Kings: Lotus tea

In Asian countries, the lotus is a symbol of purity and perfection. Vietnamese leaders have traditionally been regular drinkers of lotus tea. 

About tea culture in Vietnam

Tea culture in Vietnam is based around ancient ceremonies for growing and drinking tea. Tea is consumed every day in every Vietnamese house.

Loose Leaf tea from Vietnam

In Vietnam you can find many unique tastes and types of loose leaf tea. The Vietnamese have been drinking it for 2,000 years, and the country is now among the world’s top 10 exporters of the product. 

About Vietnamese mango

What do you know about the mango? Nowadays, fresh mango has become one of the most popular snacks in the world. In Vietnam, mango is used as an ingredient in numerous dishes.

Vietnamese coffee culture

Coffee from Vietnam has become more famous and is in greater demand on the world coffee market. This is not surprising because now Vietnam is a leading producer of robusta. 

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