Farmer’s Tea

Finest Loose Leaf Teas for the Everyday Brew

We have explored Vietnam from north to south for the best tea farms, collecting unique and special teas. We offer our selection for perfect everyday brewing from the classics to exotic blends. All teas are hermetically packed with minimum delay after receiving from the farm.

Freshest Tea Possible

  • 10 Authentic Vietnamese teas and exotic blends

  • Most popular tastes selected for perfect everyday brewing

  • 2 rare premium teas

  • 100 gram sealed pouches

Hand Picked Loose Leaf Teas

  • 100% Natural ingredients

  • Using only whole leaves to maintain all the natural health benefits

  • Brewing with whole leaves enables a deeper and more satisfying taste to develop

Tea Direct from the Farmers

  • Tea from the most remote and pristine regions of Vietnam

  • Enjoy tea from small family farms where people still keep alive the old tea growing traditions

  • Direct trade. No middleman.

Learn More about Tea

  • Every tea has it’s own unique story

  • Learn the various brewing methods perfect for each tea

  • Origin of the tea and special tasting features

Farmer’s Tea

Most famous classic, exotic blends and premium teas

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Tea from Vietnamese farmers
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Tea from Vietnamese farmers

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