17 USD


Sampler set

We have collected all these teatastes into one set. It is the great opportunity for you to try every tea type from our collection. 

The set contains tea collected from different parts of Vietnam: southern and northern regions. See the difference and check out the variety of tastes. All Vietnamese tea culture in one package!


What is inside?

Every type of tea in 2 sachets:
— Shan Snow (10g);
— Traditional Black (10g);
— Thai Nguyen Green (10g);
— Milk Oolong (10g);
— Loose Leaf Pu-Erh (10g).

Pay less and get more!

Degustate more tastes

Tea collected across Vietnam

Form your own vision on tea

What's the advantages of Sampler Set?

- Pay less and get more! 10gof tea costs $2.5 per sachet, whereas buying it separately may cost $3.

- Sample more tastes! You could try many tastes instead of only one. With our set you could understand which tea you prefer more and form your own tea preferences.

- Learn more about Vietnam! This sampler set was created for people who want to get full vision about Vietnamese tea culture and try tastes collected across all country.

Who is the Sampler Set for?


For beginners in drinking tea

You’ll get acquainted with differentsorts of and appreciate the differences.‍

For people interested in Vietnamese culture

Vietnam is a tea country. The tea-drinking culture has existed here for thousands of years. That’s why every tea in our collection can tell you more about the specialness and uniqueness of Vietnam.

For tea lovers

Have you already tried many sorts of tea? Do you search for unique tastes? Savour something special and discover new experiences for yourself.


Sampler set contains tea from southern Lam Dong province and Northern regions: Lam Dong province, Thai Nguyen province, Yen Bai province, Phu Tho province. You've got a great opportunity to degustate tea leaves from several parts of a sunny country and estimate how different taste could be depending from region it grows in.