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Find out: is Oolong tea Black tea?

Often, people think that oolong tea is a black tea, and sometimes even as green tea type. In this article we would like to answer the question «Is oolong tea black tea?» and tell you more about oolong in general.

What is Oolong tea?

Oolong tea is an absolutely different type of tea than black or green tea. But depending on the tea processing method, an oolong can have more black or green tea characteristics.

Oolong tea is a unique product of authentic artisanal processing. The place where oolong is grown and the method of processing chosen may impact on the appearance, shape, taste, and flavor of the tea.

Differences between Oolong tea and Black tea

Oolong, like all other tea varieties, is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. However, each type of tea is processed differently. This is what makes difference between them.


Black tea has little buds, while oolong tea, in contrast, usually has bigger leaves, which are more suited to the processing they go through. The edges of oolong tea leaves are brushed during rolling, so they have rolled shape.


Black tea has overtones of caramel, smoke, or honey. Some types of dark oolong tea can have some of these notes as well. But there is a rock mineral basis which is hard to find in black tea.

Oxidation process

Oolong is oxidized at a rate somewhere halfway between black and green tea. So, they are considered as partially oxidized ones. Black tea are processed in a way that yields fully oxidized leaves.

Aroma and caffeine level

Oolong teas are known for a honeyed, sweet, and fruity aroma. Black tea usually has earthy, spicy, nutty, caramel flavor. In comparison with oolong, black tea has a stronger aroma.

Liquor color

Black tea liquor is often the dark red color, while oolong teas’ is yellow or light green color.

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