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Vietnamese tea recipes

Tea plays a great role in Vietnamese culture. It is a symbol of purity, hospitality, peace, and harmony. Tea in Vietnam has become not only a part of daily life, but significant part of such events as family meetings, parties, weddings, celebrations, and receptions. There are many varieties of Vietnamese tea and different ways of making it. In this article, we will tell you how to make several types of Vietnamese tea.

Vietnamese green tea recipe

To make real and delicious Vietnamese green tea follow a traditional formula:

  1. Rinse tea. Put nearly 8-9 grams of green tea (for 4 people) in the pot. You can use the one from our Farmer’s tea collection to brew real Vietnamese tea. Pour about +85°C boiled water into the tea pot (raise the thermos and add water quickly, make sure the water is on the side of the tea) and pour the water out. This step is a way to «wake up» the tea, which helps remove impurities and keeps the pot hot.
  2. After that, you should quickly pour in necessary amount of boiling water so that it can be divided into 4 cups of tea. Next, cover the pot and keep pouring water over the lid. It is made to keep tea infusion in the teapot at a stable temperature.
  3. Next, you should wait about 2-3 minutes to make tea fully ripen, then pour the tea into cups. When pouring, firstly divide each cup in half, then repeat 2-3 rounds until the cups are even. You should only pour 3/4 cup.

Vietnamese oolong tea recipe

This premium tea can also be found in our Farmer’s tea collection. It is fragrant and is not as acid as green tea; it is produced through a complicated process and oxidized to ferment from 80 – 85%. Oolong looks like tea leaves dried and rounded into dark green pellets, but after you brew tea, its acquires golden-green color. The process of making Vietnamese oolong tea differs from the green one a little. Here are some differences you should consider while making it:

  1. Boiling temperature: for making oolong tea it is recommended to use boiling water from +90°C to +95°C.
  2. Another feature is steeping time, for oolong it is 1-2 minutes.
  3. You should use more oolong tea: about 10-12 grams.

Vietnamese lotus tea recipe

This tea variety has a little astringency, sweet after taste of green tea, and the gentle flowery, pure aroma of the lotus flower. It may greatly benefit to your health if it is made properly. Generally, it is made the same way as green tea. However, you shouldn’0t rinse Vietnamese lotus tea because it will reduce the lotus flavor. To lower caffeine content in Vietnamese lotus tea, you should change tea steeping time and the amount of tea leaves in teapot.

Vietnamese iced tea recipe

Vietnamese use mostly green tea to make it, but black tea and oolong may also be used. 1-3 minutes to drain the tea is enough, then add the second water and do the same. After draining all tea extraction, add 2-3 ice cubes and mix it with fresh fruits such as peach, lychee, strawberry, etc.

Vietnamese lime iced tea recipe

  1. The main thing here is to properly brew the green tea. You can use both tea bags and loose leaf green tea and should brew it during 1-3 minutes. We don’t recommend you to boil the water. Instead, you can use microwave and to warm up the water until it gets steaming hot (usually for 1 minute).
  2. The next step is juicing the limes. Take 2 limes to get enough juice your cup of tea.
  3. Finally, add 2 tablespoons of honey (or more if you want it to be sweeter) and 2-3 ice cubes to your green tea.

To make all these different kinds of Vietnamese tea you can use our hand-picked loose leaf teas which are perfect for everyday brewing. Feel Vietnam with tea from the most remote and pristine regions of this country!

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