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Vietnamese ginger lemongrass tea

Vietnam is famous for manufacturing many varieties of herbal tea including ginger lemongrass. It is one of the healthiest teas made by Vietnamese artisans. In this article we provide a comprehensive guide to ginger lemongrass tea.

What is Vietnamese ginger lemongrass tea?

Firstly, it is worth to mention that ginger and lemongrass are extremely popular ingredients among Vietnamese. They are grown throughout Vietnam and are used by people in daily life. Vietnamese use them not only for tea brewing, but for cooking, making medicines, and detoxing as well.

Ginger lemongrass tea is obviously made from ginger and lemongrass. Depending on human taste preferences brewed tea may also contain lemon, salt, or sugar. It is considered healthy and safe because it doesn’t contain caffeine at all. Ginger lemongrass tea is also a good option for people who want to find alternative to caffeinated beverages and be healthier.

What are health benefits of ginger lemongrass tea?

Control of blood pressure: both lemongrass and ginger contribute to it almost equally. Lemongrass contributes a lot to blood cycle assistance, while ginger helps to regulate blood pressure.

Strengthening immune system: these two ingredients are very helpful for increasing body resistance and preventing various diseases such as fever, flu, cold, etc.

Body detox: lemongrass contains substances that help to remove uric acid from the body, detoxify liver, promote digesting, etc. That’s why the tea made from lemongrass is perfect to purify all toxins in human body.

Assist in weight loss: ginger lemongrass tea has low calories, many fibers, vitamins, and minerals, which is ideal for people who want to weight loss. But to maintain all the benefits you should drink tea with little sugar or even without it, add diet and regular exercises to drinking tea for more efficiency.

Improvement of skin health. Actually, lemongrass is often used in skin care products. It is believed to reduce acne, firm muscles, and make skin clean, bright, and smooth.

How to make fresh Vietnamese ginger lemongrass tea?

You can make this tea by yourself at home using unique recipe of Vietnamese artisans. All you need is 1 liter of water, 18-20 grams of ginger, 60 gram of lemongrass or 5 lemongrass stalks (add sugar, lemon, ice, or salt if necessary).

Firstly, put 1 liter of water in a pot then boil it up. While it is boiling, slice ginger into 4 slices. Peel and discard the outer layer of lemongrass and cut each stalk in half crosswise. Then use something heavy to bruise both ginger and lemongrass.

After boiling add ginger slices, lower the heat to a minimum, cover the pot, and simmer for nearly 10 minutes. After that, add lemongrass stalks, cover the pot and continue to simmer for more 5-7 minutes.

Turn off the heat and let the tea steep for another 5-10 minutes in the pot. If you prefer a stronger tea, you can steep it little longer and the tea will be darker. You can drink it both hot and cold. Enjoy your tea!

Our collection of Farmer’s tea includes ginger lemongrass tea with pure chocolate taste and a hint of heady cinnamon. We use only 100% ingredients to make our teas which are hermetically packed with minimum delay after receiving from the farm. We offer many teas for perfect everyday brewing from the classics to exotic blends.

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