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How to make tea properly

The taste of tea is affected by temperature, amount of water, steeping time and method of brewing.


Tea contains tannins, which are responsible for the taste and aroma of the drink. If you fill the tea leaves with cold water, then the dissolution of the components will occur slower. Therefore, water with a temperature above 80 °C is usually used to make tea. But for some varieties of white tea, the temperature may be lower.

Green teas and oolong are brewed with water up to 90 °C, while black and herbal are brewed at 95-100 °C.

It is not recommended pouring light teas with boiling water, as it will burn the leaves and destroy their delicate aroma. It will give tea astringency and richness, but at the same time make the drink bitter.

The amount of water.

For each tea variety, it is important to follow the recommendations for the ratio of tea and water. This will provide the desired concentration of tannins and give the drink a rich taste.

Time and method of brewing.

Different types of tea require a certain steeping time. For example, oolong in a Chinese ceremony contact with water for no more than 10 seconds. If you keep the leaves in water and do not drain the liquid, the tea will be bitter.

There are two main ways to brew tea – infusion and steeping. For infusion, people usually use large dishes like teapots, French presses, thermoses, or mugs. With this method, the tea-leaf is in contact with water for several minutes - usually from 3 to 7. For steeping use a small kettle with a volume of 80 to 150 ml. When spilling, pour the tea with a small amount of water, wait from 10 seconds to 1 minute. Then, pour the infusion into a cup and pour the tea again. In fact, it is a repeated brewing with a very short infusion time. It can be done from 5 to 15 times, depending on the type of tea.

General rules on how to make tea properly

1. Preheat the kettle before brewing. To do this, fill it about a third with hot water, wait 30 seconds and drain the water.

2. Put the leaves in the teapot. It usually takes 2-3 g or one full teaspoon per 250 ml of water. Soak the leaves in hot water. After the first brewing of highly fermented teas, it is recommended to drain the water to rinse and prepare the leaves. Then pour in a new portion of water.

3. Let the tea brew for 3-7 minutes, then stop brewing. To do this, pour the infusion into another container or remove the brewing filter.

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