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Importing Vietnamese tea: benefits and requirements

Vietnam is among 10 biggest tea exporters and ranks 7th among top tea producers in global ratings. Vietnamese tea entered markets of more than 110 countries and regions. And more and more countries are becoming interested in this product as there are a lot of benefits of importing tea from Vietnam. Why importing Vietnamese tea is beneficial and how import from this country?

Benefits of importing Vietnamese tea

1) Costs optimization

The first factor is competitive price. Prices of Vietnamese tea are at half or much lower than those from other producers from Kenya, Sri Lanka, and others. Tea prices let exporters decrease competitive pressure, cut costs, increase profits, and make tea products more accessible to more customers. Vietnamese producers can offer tea at such competitive prices due to several factors, which are:

  • Vietnam is a large source of raw materials. Its soil and climate in general are perfect for tea growing. In 2020, tea accounted for around 130 hectares of tea in 34 provinces. 200,000 tons of dry teas are produced in the country every year.
  • Vietnamese government supports and encourages export of tea. Apart from this, it develops supporting sectors for the tea industry, such as transportation, packaging, and others. It also provides preferential treatment for exporting tea products.
  • Inexpensive labor costs. Although the situation with low labor costs is gradually changing, wages in Vietnam are still low. According to Viet Dragon Securities Company (VDSC), in 2021, Vietnam was one of three ASEAN countries with the lowest labor costs with minimum wage of US$132-190 and average wage of US$265-320 per month.

2) High quality of Vietnamese tea

The low cost of tea from Vietnam doesn’t mean that it has low quality. The Ministry of Agriculture implemented several policies to improve tea quality so that it would satisfy the standards of other countries.

There are more than 170 varieties of tea with high quality and yield in Vietnam. Besides, Vietnamese companies are more focused on the issues of organic tea, modern production machines, and pesticide residues.

3) Wide range of tea products

Vietnamese produce tea products which are very diverse in grades (green, CTC, black, Oolong, etc.). Export companies also offer many types of tea such as loose-leaf tea, instant, filter bags, RTD, and others. Many importers choose Vietnamese green tea because of its unique taste. Some of them prefer black tea or CTC tea due to its neutral taste. It is easy to mix them with different flavors to create the unique of the finished product.

How to import Vietnamese tea

Firstly, all the documents need to be prepared. Normally, importers will need the following documents:

Bill of Lading

Packing list

Commercial Invoice

Phytosanitary certificate

Analysis Certificate (Optional)

Certificate of Origin

All of these documents are prepared by Vietnamese party and sent to importers according to the provisions of the contract.

Before cooperating with Vietnamese companies to import tea, you should clarify some moments for them. Those are importing purpose (in bulk to blend and pack yourself, create new tea brand, process RTD tea) and packaging type. You can also prepare in advance the following points: expected price level, delivery place, payment terms, and estimated quantity.

The process will go faster and more smoothly if the information is delivered clearly to the tea suppliers. Most of Vietnamese tea companies are flexible and don’t have fixed MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). The higher quantity you order, the lower costs tea company provides.

If you are looking for a reliable Vietnamese tea supplier, Sense Asia is a great option. We provide wide range of teas for perfect everyday brewing from the classics to exotic blends. You can find traditional black and green tea as well as herbal, fusion and premium tea. We supply our products from small family farms where people still keep alive the old tea growing traditions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries!

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