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For Vietnamese artichoke is not only a vegetable that is used to make food, but also an ingredient for making tea. Artichoke tea is known for having numerous health benefits. Read on to find out what exactly is Vietnamese artichoke tea, how can it benefit human health, and how to brew it properly.

What is Vietnamese artichoke tea

Artichoke tea, as the name suggests, is a tea made from artichoke leaves. Artichoke is member of the thistle family, the artichoke plant (Cynara scolymus). It is one of the most ancient foods in the world. Its cultivation was improved by North African Moors in Sicily around 800 AD and later popularized as a delicacy by French royalty.

Artichoke tea, known as trà atiso in Vietnamese, is used in Vietnam as a herbal alternative to green tea. In this country, caffeine-free tea is often sold as dried artichoke tea bags. But it is quite easy to make a cup of this tea at home using fresh artichokes.

Artichoke tea health benefits

  1. Improves the liver. Artichoke contains the antioxidants like cynarin and silymarin. Those protect the liver from damage and promote the growth of new tissues.
  1. Controls the amount of cholesterol. Some researches proved that luteolin, an antioxidant contained in artichokes, helps to prevent cholesterol production.
  1. Helps fight the growth of cancer cells. Vietnamese artichoke tea include more antioxidants than many other vegetables. For example, polyphenols, anthocyanins, and flavonoids can protect the body against cancer.
  2. Promotes healthy digestive system. Although some fiber can be found in the majority of vegetables, the fiber content of Vietnamese artichokes is really large. It plays the role of the prebiotics. Artichoke can relieve symptoms of indigestion such as bloating, heartburn, and nausea; reduce the risk of intestinal cancer.
  3. Improves bone health. Artichokes contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. They are considered to promote bones health, make them more pliable, and reduce the incidence of osteoporosis.

Vietnamese artichoke tea recipe

All you need is 15 grams of dried artichoke tea, 3 – 4 pandan leaves, 20 grams of rock sugar, 15 grams of granulated sugar, and water.

Firstly, put pandan leaves, granulated sugar, and dried artichoke in a pot, pour out the water and boil it. Secondly, when the mixture boils, add rock sugar and cook until the sugar dissolves. Let it cool down a little bit, and then pour the mixture into a sieve. Lastly, strain it into a teapot, then pour in each cup and enjoy the tea.

Artichoke tea can be served hot or cold with ice. We recommend using the tea within a day to get the all the nutrients from it.

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