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There are 6 main tea varieties: green, white, yellow, oolong, black, and pu-erh. They differ in the degree of fermentation, which shows to what extent the raw material has oxidized before drying. Here we are going to tell you more about these main tea types and their production.

Green. For this tea, buds and 1-2 leaves are usually harvested. Harvest is subjected to heat treatment to avoid oxidation. Thus, it increases the content of substances that are responsible for the vegetable taste of the drink.

White. The leaves for this tea are collected from certain bushes, the buds of which are covered with thick white pile. Because of this feature, it got the name Bai Cha, that is, "white tea".White teas are divided into 2 types: for the first, only buds are used, and for the second, a mixture of buds and leaves is used. Raw materials are dried naturally or with the help of fans to reduce their moisture content. During this time, tea is slightly oxidized - by about 5-7%. The drink is obtained with a light and delicate taste. The aroma has honey, floral and fruity notes.

Yellow. According to the type of raw material, it is divided into leaf and buds. To get a quality product, it is customary to collect the buds before they are covered with fluff. Yellow teas are subjected to weak fermentation (7–10%). It has a soft, light and clean taste without grassy notes and a sweet aftertaste.

Oolong. For the production of this tea, juicy mature leaves are harvested from adult bushes. Oolongs are partially oxidized, after which they are intensively rolled.According to the degree of oxidation, these teas are divided into 2 types: weakly and strongly fermented. The former are oxidized by 10-30%, they are called green or light oolongs. They have a floral aroma and green color. Black or dark oolongs are oxidized by 40-70%. They have woody, fruity and caramel notes and dark color.

Black. For this tea shoots are collected - the upper leaves of the tea bush and unblown buds. After they are subjected to complete oxidation. Thanks to this, the drink has a tart, spicy aroma. This is exactly what the Ceylon Nuwara Eliya variety, which is grown in the highland province of Sri Lanka, will have. In addition to this country, black tea is produced in China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Rwanda, Azerbaijan and Russia. Because of the copper color of the infusion, the Chinese call it red. It has a rich, bright and tart taste with notes of chocolate and nuts.

Pu-erh. For production, leaves and buds are used, sometimes cuttings. It slowly oxidized upon contact with air and was stored longer, and its taste became more complex. It can go through a long fermentation during 10-50 years. Puer Shu is subjected to accelerated fermentation for 45–65 days to induce aging. It has an earthy taste and aroma of fallen leaves and wet earth.

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