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Tea has been a vital part of Vietnamese culture for hundreds and thousands years. There are many Vietnamese tea types and ways of brewing it. In this article, we will give you general recommendations on how to make Vietnamese tea properly.

How to choose water

First thing you need to know about Vietnamese tea brewing is how to choose water. Vietnamese people believe that water for tea plays a significant role in the quality of your teacup. Traditionally, tea lovers prefer using rainwater from areca trees or dew drops from lotus leaves to make perfect tea.

People in Vietnam often boil purified water to create fresh taste and fragrant aroma of tea. In cities, they use boiled tap water because it is hard to get purified water there. But tap water is rather final choice than recommendation because tea taste and flavor will not be as good as the mentioned above water.

How to choose tea leaves

The perfect cup of Vietnamese tea includes fresh tea leaves harvested and processed by hand. Vietnamese people prefer tea leaves from such tea areas or highlands as Thai Nguyen, Shan Tuyet, Suoi Giang, and others.

To choose high quality loose-leaf tea, study the appearance of the tea-leaf. For example, if green tea leaves are dark brown, you shouldn’t use them to brew tea.

The leaves should not break easily; they have minimal elasticity.

The color of tea leaves will help you find out tea taste. Light green leaves make tea acquire the mild taste, while dark color indicates strength.

The next thing you should study is aroma. High-quality Vietnamese tea is made from newly harvested leaves (the Shan Snow is an exception). Fresh tea leaves have a pronounced smell, and tea brewed from them has a bright taste. Focus on aroma when choosing herbal tea: : if there is no smell, then the herbs are not fresh.

How to choose a tea set

For those who have been drinking tea for a long time, it is recommended to use ceramic tea pots. They are made from special clay, so they keep heat longer and retain natural tea flavor. You can also use a porcelain or glass pot to brew tea. But don’t use an iron pot as its material will make the tea taste worse. You can learn more about Vietnamese tea sets in our article about them.

Vietnamese tea drinkers often choose tea sets according to the time of the year as well. In autumn and winter they prefer teapot with a thick shell as it helps to retain heat better and keep the tea warm longer. In summer, they are likely to use a thinner teapot to make tea.

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Follow us and learn more about tea and Vietnamese tea culture!

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