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Earl Grey tea is one of the most widespread tea types in the world. Usually, it is just a blend of black tea and oil of bergamot. However, green tea or oolong can also be used as a base for Earl Grey. Apart from being extremely tasty, it is good for human health as well. Here we want to tell you more about Earl Grey tea and its health benefits.

What is Earl Grey tea?

Earl Grey tea is a flavored tea with bergamot orange infusion. Taste of bergamot orange resembles a mix of citrus fruits. Its appearance is something like a cross between an orange and lime. The bergamot orange tree a hybrid of the lemon tree from the Southeast Asian and the orange tree from Seville.

Earl Grey tea making process includes drying the bergamot orange rind and combining it with black tea leaves. Originally, bergamot was added to tea originally to disguise a low-quality tea.

Earl Grey tea health benefits

  1. Boosts immunity. Bergamo in this tea has is considered to have numerous health benefits. It contains antibacterial properties that improve immune system. It is scientifically proven that bergamot helps with fever, and it can be a perfect cold remedy. Apart from bergamot, Earl Grey tea is rich in vitamin C and zinc.
  1. Promotes heart health. Earl Grey tea has a lot of antioxidants that help to prevent such cardiovascular problems as heart attacks and high blood pressure. They also help to clear plaque from the arteries and the heart, prevent cell damage, and lowers LDL cholesterol.
  1. Improves Digestion. The elements in Earl Grey Tea help protect your gut health and support the digestion process. They have natural anti-inflammatory qualities that can help relieve constipation and acid reflux.
  1. Helps to cope with anxiety and stress. Bergamot oil consists of natural aromatherapy qualities. It means that drinking one cup of Earl Grey Tea a day can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and prevent stresses.
  1. Prevents cholesterol buildup. According to the researches, Earl Grey Tea controls cholesterol level. A study in Preventative Medicine proved that drinking 3 cups of this tea a day encourages the production of HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol) and lowers the production of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol).

Side effects and potential risks

Drinking Earl Grey tea too much may interfere with your body’s ability to process potassium. It can even result in severe muscle cramps. It is because of bergamot in Earl Grey tea, which can interfere with potassium channels. All in all, it causes your cells to overreact to stimulus, leading to muscle spasms.

Sense Asia presents the collection of different loose leaf teas. It includes Earl Grey Tropic tea withzesty, juicy aroma of ripe bergamot orange. All teas are hermetically packed with minimum delay after receiving from the farms in Vietnam. We use 100% natural ingredients and only whole leaves to maintain all the natural health benefits.

Follow us and learn more about tea and Vietnamese tea culture!

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