Shan Snow

Vietnamese Shan snow tea may be found only in northern provinces of the country, mostly in highlands. The tea trees grow at a height 600+ meters above sea level. The high level of moisture at this height provides oxygen saturation of tea trees that makes its taste so flavorful. 

Talking about shan snow, you could also hear that it is called ancient. Ancient green tea is handpicked from 100 years old tea trees. Some of the trees have aged more than 300 years! It is a unique opportunity to taste the same tea which has been tasted by Vietnamese hundreds of years ago. 



Notes of honey and flowers


Light amber


A soft bitterness stands out after the first sip of shan snow, and then taste starts to open. Notes of greenery and sweetness may be felt. That combination of bitterness and flowerfull honey creates an outstanding balance of flavor.

500 ml



5 min

How to brew?

Classical method


For a classical method of brewing tea use a porcelain tableware. That kind of dish keeps warmth better and lets tea open full of taste. 

Don’t use boiling water while you’re brewing green tea. Fullness and astringency of taste may be killed by boiling water.


- Warm up a teapot before brewing tea;

- Put 2 tablespoon in a teapot (4 g.);

- Pour it over by water with the temperature 85°C;
- Wait for 5 min and try it. 

Authentic method 


The Speciality of that method lies in brewing several times. That method could help you to taste freshy notes of tea better and feel fullness of taste.

For that type of brewing you need gaiwan - a lidded bowl without handles. Gaiwan is good for green teas with flavourful aroma because in it tea could be infused several times so you could enjoy your drink even longer. You can also use a teapot.


- Warm up a teapot/gaiwan before brewing tea;

- Put a 2 tablespoons of tea in a teapot/gaiwan;

- First brewing: rinse tea with water (85+°C)

- Second and third brewings last about 20-40 seconds;

- Next fourth and fifth brewings you should make for 90 and 120 seconds.


Suoi Giang area, Yen Bai province. It is a region in Northern part of Vietnam. It is famous for its subtropical climate. The rainy season in Yen Bai is long: about half a year. It is a good condition for tea trees growing: wet soil doesn't let them dry over and tea grows filled with freshness.

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