Milk oolong

Vietnam is a truly oolong tea country. Many types of oolong tea trees are manufactured here. The specialness of Vietnamese oolongs is a large amount of tea leaves: Vietnamese oolong tea leaves are longer, that feature defines its flavorful taste. 

The uniqueness of taste also defines the way of preparing tea. Oolong leaves are rolled into tiny balls and 30% oxidized. That special technology keeps the original quality of tea taste: creamy notes and sweet aftertaste. 



Milk, caramel and cream notes


Golden yellow


Milk oolong are famous for their soft and light taste. It starts from caramel and creamy notes, sometimes it could be reminding pollen of flowers. It is a perfect decision for those who only start to try special tea.

500 ml



3 min

How to brew?

Classical method


For a classical method of brewing tea use a porcelain tableware. That kind of dish keeps warmth better and lets tea open full of taste.

Boiling water is the best decision for brewing oolong tea. High level of temperature opens the fullness of taste and provides a feeling of sweet creamy notes of milk oolong.


- Warm up a teapot before brewing tea;

- Put 1.5 tablespoon in a teapot (4 g.);

- Pour it over by water with the temperature 94+°C;

- Wait for 3 min and try it.

Gaiwan method


The Speciality of that method lies in brewing several times. That method could help you to taste freshy notes of tea better and feel fullness of taste.

For that type of brewing you need gaiwan - a lidded bowl without handles. Gaiwan is good for oolong teas with flavourful aroma because in it tea could be infused several times so you could enjoy your oolong even longer.


- Warm up a teapot/gaiwan before brewing tea;

- Put 7 g of tea in a teapot/gaiwan;

- First brewing: rinse tea with boiling water (90+°C);

- Second and third brewings last about 20-40 seconds;

- Next fourth and fifth brewings you should make for 90 and 120 seconds.


Milk oolong represented on that page came from the Central Vietnam Bao Loc area, Lam Dong province. The main feature of that region is a high level of average humidity. All year around the quantity is about 80%. Wet oxygen supports availability of essential oils which contain in young leaves.

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