Loose Leaf Pu-Erh

Pu-Erh is known as a tea with a really strong and unique taste. The homeland of Pu-Erh tea is a huge area on the eastern border of the Tibetan plateau, in China.

The specialty of Pu-Erh tea production lies in the “maturity” of the tea leaves. Nowadays, this state of tea leaves is obtained using the post-fermentation method. That’s why the taste obtained is so deep and bitter.

Today in the Vietnamese highlands, there are many plantations of Pu-Erh. Vietnamese really love that tea and often drink it in the mornings.

Pu-Erh from the Sense Asia Premium tea collection is a loose-leaf tea. It means that it has a balanced taste and conveys the taste of the tea plant which it was made from. 



Prunes, dried fruits.


Dark amber


Robust, earthy aroma with ahint of dried pinewood. Bright Pu-Erh taste with delicate caramel aftertaste. Second and further steps are more delicate and flavorful with more noticeable caramel taste.

500 ml



5 min

How to brew?

Classical method


For a classical method of brewing tea, use a porcelain teapot. Porcelain retains warmth better and lets a full flavour develop. 

Boiling water is the best decision for brewing Pu-Erh. High level of temperature opens the fullness of taste and provides a feeling of sweet creamy notes of milk oolong.


- Warm up the teapot before brewing tea;

- Put 2 tablespoon in the pot (7 g.);

- Pour over water with a temperature 96+°C;

- Wait for 5 min and try it. 

Gaiwan method


The authentic method involves brewing several times. This way you can taste fresh notes of tea better and feel a fullness of taste.

For this method of brewing,you need a gaiwan, a lidded bowl without handles. A gaiwan is good because they allow you to infuse the tea several times and enjoy your drink even longer. You can also use a teapot.


- Warm up a teapot/gaiwan before brewing tea;

- Put 5 g of the tea in the pot/gaiwan;

- First brewing: rinse the tea with water (96+°C);

- Second and third brewings last about 20–40 seconds each.

- The fourth and fifth brewings should take 90 and 120 seconds.


Loc Tan, Lam Dong Province, Central Highlands of Vietnam. Many sorts of tea trees grow here due to a perfect climate condition. Specialness of tea trees from that region is a huge size of tea leaves which promotes saturate taste of tea.

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