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Vietnamese iced tea (Trà đá) is an essential part of daily life in Vietnam. It can be served at any kind of event and at any public caterings like cafes or even beer joints. It is so widespread that can be considered one of the first things that tourists in Vietnam notice. In lowland, southern and central regions, where average annual temperature is more than 30 °C, iced tea is treated like water. Read on to get recipe of Vietnamese iced tea and learn more about it.

How is served and what is made of

Iced tea is usually served in glass instead of mug. Unlike hot tea that requires following some traditions and rituals, this tea type is more practical and down-to-earth. It doesn't have any deep meaning; its main function is to keep you cool and fresh. And Vietnamese iced tea does it very well.

To make iced tea Vietnamese can use lotus, ginger lemongrass, jasmine, pandan, traditional green tea, oolong, and others. So as you can see, iced tea is mainly made of green tea varieties. Oolong iced tea will differ not only in terms of taste, but in terms of color as well. You can use both tea bags and loose leaf tea to make it, but for more full-bodied and rich taste it is recommended to use loose leaf one.

Vietnamese iced tea taste may differ depending on the tea variety. But generally, it may acquire fruity, flowery, honey, and fresh-baked cookie notes.

Health benefits and caffeine content

This tea as well as many others is rich in antioxidants, which are very beneficial for human health. It also prevents many diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer, etc. Iced tea may boost metabolism and fat burning, so it is good for people that want to keep fit or stick to a diet. Moreover, it is a great source of the amino acid L-theanine, that provide a relaxing and soothing effect.

If it is made of green tea, it may have approximately one forth of caffeine that coffee contain. Despite this relatively low caffeine content, Vietnamese iced tea still helps to maintain focus and get a small boost of energy.

Vietnamese lime iced tea recipe

The most popular type of tea is the one made with lime juice, so we decided to include the recipe of Vietnamese lime iced tea.

All you need is 2 green tea bags (you can brew it with 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea as well), 1 cup of got water, 1/2 tablespoons of honey, 1/2 tablespoons of lime juice, and few ice cubes.

Firstly, brew green tea in hot water for nearly 3-5 minutes, or to desired strength. Then, discard tea bags (if you have chosen to brew this way) and add honey, stir. Leave it to cool for 10 minutes. Lastly, add lime juice and mix. Pour the tea into glasses with ice cubes, add few slices of lemon if you want to, and serve.

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